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....preparing your students for real world adventures!!!

Use all your normal charting tools and methods to seamlessly integrate simulation into your instruction. Experience transits and buoyage with light and shadow detail demonstrating the need to understand shapes as well as colours. Add a real boat helm with steering, gear selection and throttle controls to unleash the simulations highly realistic boat dynamics ... www.maritimesimulation.co.uk


Introduction To Vizual Simulation

If you are new to Visual Simulation the first thing you need to know is that that the number of ways in which the technology can be applied is limited only by your imagination. The second thing you need to know is that success in this arena will depend on the tools and training you choose. Here at 3D World Design our tool of choice includes;

  • World Building - construct your interactive 3D virtual worlds
  • World Networking - link virtuality to reality.
  • World Exporter - Packaging your interactive application