Latest Simulations

Virtual experiences ...
....preparing your students for real world adventures!!!

Use all your normal charting tools and methods to seamlessly integrate simulation into your instruction. Experience transits and buoyage with light and shadow detail demonstrating the need to understand shapes as well as colours. Add a real boat helm with steering, gear selection and throttle controls to unleash the simulations highly realistic boat dynamics ... www.maritimesimulation.co.uk

Latest Simulations

Virtual flight ...
....preparing pilots for real world racing!!!

Fly professional event level FPV racing simulations at the top shows and exhibitions, get started in real world FPV racing. Test flow by the top pilots (UK Drone Show NEC) to give you the most accurate virtual FPV Racing available.

Put on one of our Oculus Rift headeset and experience full immersion virtual reality flying ! A quick note here ... watching your drone fly around you in VR is a great experience but only a few people can handle full immersion VR FPV due to the high visual dynamics. As pioneers in this field we are aware these issues ... watch this space.
Note: Virtual Reality properly presented is a truely amazing experience ... but watch out for anyone offering a high dynmaic ride (e.g. roller coaster, car ride) while you are sat stationarly. This will induce motion sickness to some degree in most people.